What’s Stopping You from Being Your Best Self?

Welcome to My Best Self Wellness & Coaching.

The purpose of My Best Self Wellness is to create a space where you can create your wellness solutions to begin to operate from a place of acceptance, gain wisdom and balance to create freedom in your life, live your life on purpose and be Your Best Self. 

Zoie helps create wellness solutions with you for the whole body and the body as a whole, in a safe, nurturing and healing space where we can release pain, dis-stress, dis-ease, imbalances, and blockages that are holding you back from your wellness,  and breakthrough your boundaries to free yourself to be your best self.

So much can be achieved when we approach problems from a holistic perspective...

By looking at the interactions, interdependence and balance of the Body, Mind, Spirit and Personal Environment to enable people to move towards wellness, rather than reacting in a fragmented way to a narrow section of a person’s ill-health. 

Wellness is not just reacting to problems and trying to treat or fix them, it’s about changing to a proactive and holistic approach to addressing and preventing the root causes and underlying issues.

Your Journey…


Kinesiology is a system of healthcare that emphasises health maintenance, client education and client responsibility.

Flower Essences

Holistic remedy essences for yourself, your family and your environment. Flower Essences balance and harmonise your overall wellbeing. 

Be Your Best Self

You can create your wellness solutions to begin to operate from a place of acceptance. Create freedom, live your life on purpose and be Your Best Self. 

Meet Zoie

I am passionate about the benefits of Kinesiology and am so in love with being a practitioner.  I can help with all the exciting things that is Kinesiology.  

I had struggled for years with chronic pain. When I met Zoie I wasn’t in a very good place, I was feeling lost and very deflated. I wasn’t sure what to do or how to make changes and I didn’t want to take lots of medication. Then I met Zoie. Zoie helped me to work through my emotions and the pain. To be honest I couldn’t tell you exactly how she works her magic but it works. I’m now mostly pain free and living my best life. Zoie now only helps me through flare ups and wellness check ins when I feel I need it. I have found Zoie to be warm, kind and very approachable. I feel completely comfortable discussing all aspects of my life with her. It’s like talking to a friend. I would highly recommend Zoie to anyone who is looking to reach their full potential and looking improve their health.



Why Zoie?

Because people want to be heard and have a real connection with another person who genuinely cares about their journey.

  • I see you
  • I know you
  • I am you
  • I will create and hold a safe space
  • I will walk with you on your journey, at your pace, whether fast or slow

Zoie will help you move towards your wellness, and gain the peace and freedom of being your Best Self.

What are Flower Essences?

Within our bodies, we hold negative life experiences that can create emotional and physical blocks. Flower Essences work as a gentle catalyst to release these blocks and experiences to unlock your potential, liberating you from destructive behaviours which may be perpetuating the problems showing up in your life.  

These remedies can help you access your positive potential and retrieve the counterbalancing positive qualities, innately within us all, from the superconscious mind allowing you to live as your Best Self.

Flower Essences are a subtle yet incredibly powerful form of botanical medicine. They work energetically to unlock and release deep-seated trauma, limiting beliefs, and emotional patterns of imbalance. 

Fast-tracking you towards your Mental and Emotional Best Self.

Highly recommend going to see Zoie. Not only did she help me cure neck pain that had lasted months but recently helped me to curb my addiction to sugar. It was like a switch flicked. Overnight I went from binge eating unhealthy foods to being excited about nourishing my body and haven’t had a binge or craved sugar since. Amazing!

Kayla Joy


Want to know more?

If you would like to know more about Kinesiology please feel free to get in touch. I always love sharing stories about how Kinesiology can benefit everyone. Be yourself but be your best self.

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