Are you just tired or full on fatigued?

Do you feel tired all the time?
Do you wake up more tired than when you went to bed?
Do your arms and legs ache and feel weak and heavy?
Do you have extreme mental and physical fatigue?
Do you have brain fog, muddled thinking, depression, or co-ordination problems?
Do you rely on sugar and caffeine to get you through the day?

So many problems… Kinesiology has the solutions

There are different types of fatigue, and you may be experiencing Adrenal Fatigue if you can relate to these fatigue symptoms:

After a big day we can all feel fatigued. However we should be able to bounce back after a good night’s sleep or a day’s rest.

When you are in Adrenal Fatigue your body is depleted of all its reserves to bounce back. When you are in a long term state of
fight or flight (our body’s natural protective response) your body can no longer keep all of its systems in balance because your adrenal system (which creates adrenaline) can no longer keep up with the demands on your body.

Kinesiology can help you identify the cause of the stress on your body, help you resolve and release the stress, and identify exactly what your body needs to support it to recover. It will also keep you balanced through the recovery phase so that you can get back to your BEST SELF, and enjoy things in life with the energy and vitality you deserve.

If you are tired of being tired, contact me to arrange your private consultation to start your personalised wellness journey today.

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