Balancing Babies

Ever felt powerless when your baby is in pain or distress and you don’t know why or what to do?
Is your baby not sleeping well or generally unsettled?
Are you worried about your baby or child’s health and vitality?
Does your baby have reflux, or an upset tummy or bowels?
Do you worry that something you are eating is affecting or upsetting your baby?

So many problems… Kinesiology has the solutions

Kinesiology is the perfect modality for supporting children. Babies obviously cannot say, and older children may not have the words to say, how they feel, or identify what is going on.

Often as parents we can become distressed when our babies and children are sick, hurting or upset and we don’t know why or what we can do to help them.

With Kinesiology and muscle testing, I can ask their bodies either directly or through a parent to find out what is causing them to be distressed or in pain.

With a range of techniques that are gentle and non-invasive I can work with their body and target the underlying problems and stresses. Balancing and relieving the issues that are causing stress, allows their bodies and minds to return to a balanced state, and reduces the symptoms we see them experiencing.

If you would like to be able to help your babies and children be their BEST SELF, reduce your worry and frustration. Contact me to arrange your private consultation.

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