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If you are not feeling or working at your BEST SELF, Kinesiology can benefit you.  


Learning Difficulties and Behavioural Issues

Kids and adults alike can have difficulties with learning and the potential impact on their behaviours. I love working with kids in relation to their behaviour and learning issues. Often there is a trigger that is underlying, it might be nutritional sensitivities / toxicity, or a stressful situation at home or school. Kids don’t have the words to express how or what they are feeling but with muscle testing we can get to the root cause very quickly. Most of us are unable to make connections between the things going on around us from past and present, and how that shapes our reactions and behaviours. 

For learning difficulties, I often start with getting the brain turned on and both halves talking to each other and balanced. 
So what’s the importance of left and right brain working together and in balance?
Left brain focuses on the detail but we need the right brain involvement to put it all into the big picture
Left brain receives auditory information and we use the right brain to interpret the auditory information.
Left brain is used to read words but we use the right brain to understand and comprehend what we’ve read.
We use left brain to do maths calculations but we need the right brain for maths reasoning.
The most important part to all of this is the information super highway between them both called the corpus collosum. If the messages can’t get between the 2 processing centres efficiently we do not function at our best for learning, listening, playing… Pretty much anything.
So with a snippet of an understanding of that, reckon it would have a big impact on kids learning at school?
Just sorting that out can be a huge boost in a kid’s confidence around learning and their enjoyment of school

We can then also look for any other activities, postures, positions in the classroom, stress statements, belief systems, visual and auditory processing, and nutritional areas that may be impacting on their learning and behaviours. 

Get in touch if you, your kids or someone you know needs a tune up. Kinesiology is a great modality for balancing head to toe.

Behavioural Issues

So how can a Kinesiologist help your child with behavioural issues? 

As a Kinesiologist I don’t treat, diagnose or say I can fix labels or diagnoses.  What I can do is work with each individual body to find out what symptoms:- physical, emotional, neurological, behavioural, social, whatever, are impacting on that person and how that is stopping them being their best self and getting the best out of life.

So how does that relate to behavioural issues?  Behavioural issues can be lots of things and a broad spectrum of noticeable symptoms of underlying imbalances.  Some of the symptoms may be labelled, formally diagnosed and even medicated, but I will look past that to find out how we can work with your child’s body and mind to calm down the stuff that is over stimulated and activate the neurology and physiology that is not working at its best.

We can look at and balance around

  • how they are receiving and processing sensory and environmental information, does it need to be turned up or down.
  • if there are any nutritional elements that are impacting on them, something they need more or less of?
  • Is their brain and body talking to each other efficiently? Sending and receiving messages all over the body correctly?
I can also work with the parents to help with the impact of the behaviours and stresses on you and your relationships to be and stay more in balance to be able to respond rather than react to the behaviours. 

Nutrition & Digestion

Do you have poor digestion, heartburn or reflux, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, low energy, depression or anxiety, brain fog and poor memory, poor sleep, allergies, eczema, sinus, low immunity….all of these things and more can be impacted by your nutrition and digestion. 

Unlike other treatments which can just mask the problem and symptoms. During a balance we can ask your body what the underlying reasons and causes are behind the symptoms you are experiencing. We can ask your body if there are foods or nutrients that you need but are not getting, if there are foods that you are eating that are causing inflammation and stress in your body, and if there is something specific like a supplement or lifestyle change that can support your body to come back into balance and reduce your symptoms. 

With a holistic approach like Kinesiology I also look for any emotional aspects of things you may be ‘struggling to digest’ or if there are any structural issues that are physically affecting your nutrition and digestion.

Self Sabotage

Weight loss | Nutrition | Exercise | Relationships | Business/Success goals | Finances

Oh aren’t sabotages fun!  Sometimes we know all too well were we want to be or head towards but for some reason we do something, usually repeatedly, that tanks our efforts.  Other times we are oblivious and just know that we are not making the progress we want towards a goal.

You know what I’m talking about. 

  • That sneaky treat to ‘reward’ yourself for making some progress in your weight loss….
  • I’ll go to the gym or exercise tomorrow talk because I’m too tired/ busy…..
  • I’m trying with my business but don’t seem to be getting anywhere…

All of these can be from little sabotage programs or limiting beliefs running along in the background that we don’t even realise are there, and most likely have even less idea where they came from or how to get rid of them. 

Sometimes there might even be a hidden benefit to you not succeeding.  Interesting hey! 

Anyway in a Kinesiology balance we poke around in the subconscious and find those nasty little critters and…. Chuck them out.  Then help you find a better way to keep moving forwards.

Hormonal Balancing

Hormones…they can be problematic for all of us and for many varying reasons. Foods, environment, chemicals, toxins and stress can all have significant impacts on the balance of our hormones which can have a flow on effect with energy levels, immune function, fertility, regular and comfortable periods and monthly cycles, sleep, mood, growth and weight management. 

In a Kinesiology balance we can look to see if there is a break in the communication between the systems (Hypothalamus, Pituitary, Thyroid axis); too much of one (like in estrogen dominance); or not enough of another (like a lack of progesterone); are the glands working properly or are they under stress (as in adrenal fatigue). 

Either way in a kinesiology balance we can take the guess work out and let your body tell us where and what the stress is and what it needs to help you rebalance.

And before we forget…boys also have hormonal problems.

Emotional Wellbeing & Balance

Do you feel like you are on an emotional rollercoaster? Have not enough time in your day and feel like you are spread too thin? Not enough work / life balance? Beat yourself up because you think you SHOULD be doing more, being more, being better…. Feel emotionally unsettled and volatile? 

Kinesiology can help find the things you are hanging onto or where those expectations of yourself started or came from, that are keeping you off balance. With muscles testing we find out how those things are impacting on you and what your body wants to be able to let it go, or manage it better. 

Just like everyone’s life journey is different with different stresses, experiences and exposures, everyone’s body needs something different to get you back on track. A Kinesiology balance doesn’t have boxes that you need to fit into or a set treatment that SHOULD work. We ask your body what it specifically want and then do that.

Sleep & Insomnia

Ahhh sleep… great when we can get a good night sleep but it can be a bit of a tough time for ourselves and those around us when we don’t. Sleep problems and insomnia can be from so many different causes. Some people have trouble getting to sleep, others wake up and can’t get back to sleep, and some people just don’t get quality sleep and are tossing and turning all night. Kinesiology can help you get balance in any of these areas.  We find the underlying reason or cause, find what the body wants to bring back the balance and do the balancing techniques that your body indicates as needed.

During a balance I can ask your body what your body requires for optimal sleep in each of the stages of N1, N2, N3 and REM sleep and then we can work on what needs to be removed or balanced to bring you closer to what your body needs in each of those stages of sleep.

Anxiety & Depression

Wow these ones are getting bigger and bigger in our society and are affecting so many people in lots of different ways. Equally as diverse, are the reasons and causes that get you to this point. There is no one path that results in these symptoms so your body needs a unique approach to unpacking the issues, finding your triggers, reminding your body that it does know how to be balanced so that you can get back to being present in your life and enjoying it. 

In a Kinesiology balance we ask your body what things are keeping you in this state, and what do you need to be able to move forwards. With Kinesiology we don’t work on treating the symptoms – which is what the anxiety and depression are, we find the source of the stress and help you deal with that. No band aid fixes, no drugs, just getting the junk out of the way so your body can get back to doing what it knows how to do best. 

Some of the things we may find with a Kinesiology balance around anxiety and depression are: a traumatic incident or injury; stress; old messaging or programming from family, friends or ourselves; being stuck somewhere you don’t want to be – work, relationships…; food and gut health can also be a large contributing factor to mental health.

Stress Reduction and Management

Stress is one of those nice buzz words that just rolls off the tongue these days like we are expected to live life in a heightened state of stress and busyness all the time. Stress comes from external sources and from within ourselves.

Our bodies are designed to respond to stress by putting us into a state ready to fight or flee, the stressful or dangerous situation. Which is great if we need to respond to a situation where our life is in danger. However, like everything in life we also need the balance to that,  so rather than staying stuck in fight or flight mode, we also need the rest and digest mode which allows the body to recharge and repair.
Without this balance the body starts to breakdown and show symptoms of stress: – Weight gain or loss; brain fog; digestion upset including heartburn, reflux, diarrhoea/constipation; hormone imbalances; high blood pressure; chronic fatigue; sleep disturbances….. the list could go on for a long while but you get the picture. 

A kinesiology balance can help you get the balance back so that you can respond rather than react in situations you might find stressful, or just help balance some of the stress and finding what your body wants and needs for support nutritionally, emotionally, physically and environmentally.

Feeling Stuck

“You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it” Albert Einstein. 

Sometimes we need help getting past our conscious thinking (or overthinking) so that we can get to the blockages and old patterns that are no longer helpful.

Kinesiology is great for finding and “chucking out” (one of my favourite analogies) the old messaging and programing that is blocking us moving forwards and keeping us stuck or repeating behaviours and habits that are no longer helpful.  We can then help you create pathways to move you closer to where you would like to be – your best self.

Structural Balancing

Lower Back Pain | Shoulder Pain and restricted range of motion | Elbow pain and Tennis elbow |
Hip pain and inflexibility | Knee pain and instability | Neck pain | Other joints – Ankles, Wrists, Fingers, Toes


These kinds of pain are not only a symptom to show you that there are muscles, joints, ligaments and structure not working properly, they can also be a result of emotional, nutritional and chemical imbalances.

I look at these problems in conjunction with the interactions with the rest of your body. Everything is connected so why look at the knee as just a knee problem or pain in your elbow as just an elbow problem. If you think about, it the elbow for example has muscles that cross to bones in the forearm as well as the shoulder, then the shoulder imbalances may be coming from the neck and back, so if all you are looking for is a problem with the elbow then the underlying cause is not being addressed.

As a Professional Kinesiology Practitioner I can work across all of these areas to find the root cause of the problem and we can work towards bring it back into balance, so that each part of your body can get back to doing what it is designed to do and help you get back to your Best Self.

Sporting Injury and Recovery

Kinesiology can support you with any sporting goals, performance and recovery from injury.

With a holistic approach I look at.

  • the mental aspect:- how you think, act and what you tell yourself in relation to your performance, if there are any sabotages or self-limiting beliefs that need to be cleared. 
  • the physical aspect:- muscles and structure functioning, capabilities and limitations of the parts of the body involved and any stresses in relation to them, 
  • the nutritional aspect: – what does your body need so that it can operate at peak performance to do the jobs you are asking it to do.  Both on an individual muscle and whole body perspective. 

HTX is also very effective in improving sports performance. For any athlete we can muscle monitor the body through the activity or range of motion that you would normally be doing for your sport and find where you are losing power in that action. Once corrected the whole sequence gets smoother and stronger to improve your performance.

Hyperton X (HTX)

I’ve heard it called, like doing 6 months’ worth of yoga in 30 minutes. I gotta say a good whole body HTX balance is better than a massage for me. Just sayin’

Hypertonic muscles are ones which are chronically stressed and in an overprotective state that don’t know how to relax or move to their full extent. I also work with hypertonic joints, ligaments and skin. Which can all restrict movement and create pain and further injury if not addressed. 

A Hyperton X (HTX) balance is great for bringing you out of that fight/flight state and bring you back into balance. It is also very effective for balancing around learning difficulties, vision problems, emotional trauma, chronic pain, allergies, lack of co-ordination, sports performance, restricted range of motion with muscles and joints…

I combine specific positions which isolate and activate individual or group muscles with breathing and stretching the muscle through to full extension. This releases the tension and restricted muscle memory, and improves flexibility and strength. It is generally facilitated 1:1 and can be modified in some cases to be able to do some reinforcements at home by yourself.

Balancing to support before and after Vaccinations

Vaccinations are a highly emotive subject these days and there are a lot of people in the, for and against camp. I’m all about the availability of choice for people to make an informed decision about what is right for you and your family. 

Vaccinations can play an important role in helping to protect your body from serious illnesses and diseases. They can sometimes also create imbalances and stress in your body which can affect different people in different ways. If the right choice for you for whatever reason is that vaccinations are in your highest good, I can support your body through the immune response and help it release and process any stress that may be creating imbalances in your body.

Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond

Having a baby can be an amazing time in your life. It can also be scary, traumatic and really hard on your body. Sometimes a pregnancy and birth can go along without a hitch but if it doesn’t, I can work with you and your primary healthcare person to support your body and mind through the process and help your body and mind come back into balance afterwards.

I work with the

  • structural aspects:-  pelvic alignment; pelvic stability and support including the pelvic floor; abdominal muscles, surgery recovery if needed
  • emotional aspects:- helping you get in the right mindset for birth and help with any aspects of adjusting to parenthood before and after birth
  • whole body health: – including nutritional and helping the body stay in balance with all the organs and systems working as best they can, to minimise the possibility and effect of pregnancy and postpartum illnesses
 If you need a more PREpaired body before or a REpaired body after baby,  come give Kinesiology a try.  We work on bringing the whole body back into balance so you can be your Best Self for you and the ones relying on you. 

Babies & Toddlers

Awww so cute right? Well mostly. I liken them to my experience with computers, when they are going along doing what is expected, life is good right? When they breakdown…game over. There is no manual that explains all the ins and outs, they can’t tell us what’s wrong, and we just stand there feeling helpless scratching our heads.

So what do you do with a little person who.

  • isn’t sleeping well 
  • has trouble feeding or eating
  • has food sensitivities or upset tummies
  • Is crying all the time and you don’t know why
  • Has reflux or vomits A LOT
  • Is just generally unsettled
  • Has separation anxiety
  • Won’t let you put them down

We do a Kinesiology balance and find out what their little bodies have got going on. Using muscle testing often with Mum or Dad as a surrogate we can find out where their bodies are out of balance or where there is a stress. We can check if there is any emotional, physical, nutritional or environmental things that are impacting on them and figure out what their body wants and needs to be able to get back to being the best they can be. 

I can work with babies and toddlers from birth, I have a blue card for working with children and Kinesiology is a gentle modality without any crunching, manipulation or needles that is safe for children and adults alike.

Want to know more?

If you would like to know more about Kinesiology please feel free to get in touch. I always love sharing stories about how Kinesiology can benefit everyone. Be yourself but be your best self.

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