Growth Packages

Growth Packages

Not sure the Personal Growth Package that is best for you? Book an appointment with Zoie.

Intention setting Ritual + 30 days of cards

Whatever is showing up in your life right now is the direct result of:

  • the questions you ask yourself 
  • the stories you tell, and
  • the values you hold deep inside.

This ritual hacks your brain and subconscious to work FOR you instead of against you. This Ritual helps you move out of the same old patterns and helps you tap into what you value the most. With this daily hack you can keep focused and allow your unconscious mind to create solutions for you all day every day.  Valued at $80

Accumulation Point Balance

This balance is an amazing self help balance that allows you to release and clear built up emotions, anger, stress, anxiety, frustration, sadness, unhealthy thoughts, hurt and the physical stresses in your body. It’s an easy to do 7-10 minute balance that you can do on yourself or your family members as often as you like to help you stay on track.  Valued at over $50

Self Muscle Testing Guide

This tool will open up your world of self care and help connect you to what your body really needs to keep you on track. In this guide are tools on how to clear neural disorganisation – to keep your brain switched on; check that your body and brain are hydrated enough – to function properly; and be able to muscle test yourself and your family members to help you stay on track. You will get a personalised walk through with Zoie on how to do this testing and ideas on how you can use it.  Valued at over $50

Shadow Value Elicitation
Coaching Call

Ever wondered how some people seem to be highly motivated and inspired to achieve their goals, change their lives and get everything they want out of life?  Knowing how to tap into our hidden ‘dark side’ can be the key to unlocking your inspiration to keep you moving towards your best self and all the things you want out of life. When you are inspired you won’t need motivation. Valued at $100

Shadow value Linking Framework

Feed your dark side the exact food it needs and wants to charge up your inspiration and propel you forwards. By Linking activities to what most inspires you, you will be itching to embrace the changes you need to make to change your life for good.  Valued at $80

If you would like to know more about Kinesiology please feel free to get in touch. I always love sharing stories about how Kinesiology can benefit everyone. Be yourself but be your best self.

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