Is your Pelvic Floor letting you down?

Do you have trouble feeling and connecting with your Pelvic Floor?
Do you know someone with bed wetting issues?
Are you recovering from pelvic surgery or birthing trauma?
Do you want to set yourself up for your best possible birthing experience?
Have you ever had trouble carrying a baby to full term?
Do you have issues with pelvic instability, a prolapse or incontinence?

So many problems… Kinesiology has the solutions

With kinesiology, I can isolate, test and correct any and all the muscles in and around the pelvis and supporting areas.

A natural protective response of the body is to turn muscles off if they are stressed or traumatised.  If the stress is too great they often cannot turn back on.

When Pelvic muscles and the supporting regional muscles are turned off or stressed, the messages from your brain are not getting through correctly, resulting in:
–   A lack of control and connection with your pelvic floor
–   Incontinence issues
–   Bedwetting in Children
–   Prolapses
–   Trouble carrying a baby to full term
–   Unstable hips and lower back often presenting as pain in these areas

A balanced pelvis creates a strong base for a balanced mind, body and central nervous system to allow your BEST SELF to shine.

If you would like to have a health check on your pelvic floor or address any of these concerns, contact me to arrange your private consultation.

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