Student Well Being Program

Tired Cranky, Overwhelmed, Anxious Stressed Students ?

(& Parents )

Term 3 & 4?

 As a Mum of 2 kids, I know all too well that these last 2 terms of school can be a roller coaster, and the compounding effects of the last 2 years of upheaval, has not helped anyone’s cause. 

Each child has their own set of stresses and level of skills and resilience for dealing with those stresses.  Some cope well, others struggle.  Its tough.  For the child, parents, and the whole family if its really not going well.  (we can talk about the rest of the family later)

What if it could be easier and we could set your kids up to cruise through this last 6 months.  Well, that’s where my Student Wellbeing Program can help.

After years of seeing my own kids struggle and working with clients in clinic, I’ve created a program that will target the key areas of support that these emerging humans need to not just survive term 3 and 4 but THRIVE. 

This Student Wellbeing Program is to help establish the student’s wellbeing in the following areas over the course of the 10-week program. 

Week 1

Neurological balance to re-set and re-establish harmony within the 4 survival systems.
Digestion, Reproduction (hormones), Fight Flight & the Limbic/Immune system.
This lays down a strong neurological foundation to build on with the follow up appointments

Week 2

Nutrition balance to resource the body and brain with appropriate nutrition
As part of this balance we will assess how well the body is resourced and accessing the nutrition for ideal learning, emotional wellbeing, and mental fitness. 
As needed, we can assess what supplements best support each individual child to function at their best for this goal.  (Supplements will be available at an additional cost)

Week 3

Emotional balance to help address any existing stresses & set up for future potential.
This will be a goal-based balance based on issues identified in the initial history and previous sessions.  We will also work on any limiting beliefs about their ability to do their best

Week 4

Follow up emotional balance where we can address any issues around self-acceptance, expectations of self, and any imbalanced feelings around safety or success. 

Week 7

Hyperton X balance to support learning, stress reduction, brain integration and flexibility
This balance is strategically booked just prior to the increased load in assessments and exams to integrate the body and brain for ideal academic performance

Week 10

Self determined goal in relation to how you want to feel, think, and behave going forward.

The Wellbeing Program also includes Bonuses
for self-help between balances and post program.

Bonus 1 1 Flower Essence Remedy of your choosing plus the option to upgrade to a set of 5 Essences and carry pouch at a 50% Discount

Bonus 2 Accumulation Point Balance to help instantly reduce stress, anxiety, anger…in as little as 7 minutes that you and your child can do on your own

Bonus 3 Cooks Hook ups Technique to help calm and centre the body and mind when feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or setting up for exams etc.

The Student Wellbeing 10 Week Program

If you would like to know more about Kinesiology please feel free to get in touch. I always love sharing stories about how Kinesiology can benefit everyone. Be yourself but be your best self.

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