Toowoomba Baby & Toddler Expo 201

A big thank you to the Team at Toowoomba Baby & Toddler Expo for organising and pulling off such a fantastic day. The weather held out for us all and it was great to see so many people coming to check out all the resources available to parents for themselves and their Babies and Toddlers.

What an amazing event! I had a great time meeting so many different people and sharing my passion for helping people be their BEST SELF. As a Kinesiologist I have such a diverse range of tools to help people with anything from anxiety and depression, fatigue, babies and childrens health and behaviours, learning difficulties and pelvic floor issues. Just to scratch the surface.

As a Kinesiologist I don’t believe in bandaid fixes, lables and just treating the symptoms. I work with each individual to find out exactly what is out of balance for them and where the problems is stemming from. We then go and unpack it at the source and work on rebalancing the body to address the issue there, to reduce the symptoms we see now.

If you popped in and chatted to me or just picked up a brochure and want to know more, I offer a free 30 minute consult to have a chat to you about what you have got going on that is stopping you being your BEST SELF. From there we can make a plan to start getting you back towards being your BEST SELF.

Pop on over and check out the facebook page for the Expo to see some pics of all the fun that was had on the day. Looking forward to next years event.
Keep your eye out. Should be another good event.

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