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At the end of 2020 I was very sick and had three hospital admissions in less than 6 months. I was put on strong medication that wasn’t working to control my Crohn’s.

I was referred to Zoie and well what can I say…….

The very first visit was like a reunion with an old friend I haven’t seen in years. Every session is fun and full of laughter while she figures out what my body needs. In just 3 months she has my body balanced, I am eating food I have not enjoyed in years and I am off most of the horrible medication.

I am back enjoying exercise everyday and I feel great. My body showed Zoie exactly what I needed, what to balance and when to balance it.

I love Kinesiology and am thankful that I have found Zoie.

Cindy Mears


Zoie is fantastic. She is professional, knows her craft extremely well and the results have been amazing. Thank you Zoie. Highly Recommended

Matt Edwards


Highly recommend going to see Zoie. Not only did she help me cure neck pain that had lasted months but recently helped me to curb my addiction to sugar. It was like a switch flicked. Overnight I went from binge eating unhealthy foods to being excited about nourishing my body and haven’t had a binge or craved sugar since. Amazing!

Kayla Joy


We had our first appointment today and to say I was impressed is an understatement.  Zoie was incredibly patient, thorough and understanding with my 9 year old daughter.   She took the time to get to know her in depth to try and help her and get the best results for us.  Tonight is the first night she’s been asleep before 930pm without screaming in pain in over 2 weeks and let me tell you as a mum … absolutely priceless!
Thank you for helping my baby girl we cannot thank you enough!
Rebecca Johnson


I’ve been trying to come up with the best review for Zoie that I could think of because she’s helped me immensely. A couple of months ago I had a bad time with a client of mine and then was thrown some life changing news about one of my children. This meant I threw it all in. Couldn’t think, get myself going, eat, I’d pretty much given up. I posted in our practitioner group for some help on how I can deal with the client issue and the news about my son and Zoie reached out and offered to give me a balance. I went up there almost two weeks ago on a Sunday and had a session with Zoie that went for a bit longer that most balances would. The change in me has been amazing. I’ve got life back into me, I’ve cleaned up my house, I’m more positive for my son and his brother, I’ve opened my bookings back up and I’ve begun seeing clients again. I’m doing things I love like reading and gardening. I’m even being more social. Thank you Zoie for reaching out and helping me, for giving of your time on a Sunday and for your friendship. I highly recommend Zoie to all residents of Toowoomba and Highfields.
Tamara - Kinesiologist


Thank you Zoie 🌟
I have a couple of family members seeing Zoie and the changes I have seen have been awesome. My 10 year old has been through a few changes, (changing schools, friends, to loosing a very close family member), Zoie has helped him with so much, and he loves going to see her. Zoie offers a happy, calming, welcoming environment, and I highly recommend her.
Meg C


I had the immense pleasure of meeting Zoie from My Best Self Kinesiology and Wellness recently.  She quickly got a vary rare stamp of approval from our socially reticent son; he even reached out and gave her a hug when she left! So, we know Zoie is a one of a kind, incredibly lovable and trustable person… What else can she do?
Kinesiology is a beautiful practice that allows Zoie to ‘read’ the body and determine what is needed without words.  (How great is that for babies?!)
From the oldest to the youngest members of the family, Zoie can help with every kind of physical, mental and emotional issue.  For example, our own little sweetheart had been waking up as often as 28 times a night for nearly 2 weeks.  We scheduled a visit with Zoie and since then he’s been sleeping like and angel.  I could kiss her feet in gratitude 😊.  And she has many more great success stories like ours.
I’m looking forward to booking myself in to work out some ‘kinks’.  If you have any questions, I’m sure she would love to hear from you.
Maddison Hayward

Great Success

Zoie was amazing. The results already have been great. Zoie is polite, kind and knows her craft.

Happy Client


Walked in feeling stressed and in pain and walked out a new person. Thank you so much

Happy Client


Extremely professional and at the same time down to earth. Very thorough and focused. Wonderful at connecting with children and getting them to explore their own thoughts and feelings. Thank you!

Happy Client


Truly positive experience, I feel so great and am looking forward to my next appointment

Happy Client


Love the changes I see in myself from the work we do together.  Thank You!

Happy Client


I always feel so much better after a session with Zoie, she always makes me see things in a different light.

Happy Client


Highly recommend Zoie! She is amazing and has helped my family in many ways, particularly a young family member with anxiety. Her warm and caring nature makes you feel very relaxed during each session and her follow up is outstanding. Appointments are easy to book and prices are very reasonable.​
Alana A


My 6 year old daughter and I have been seeing Zoie since May 2018. My daughter took an instant like and was very comfortable with Zoie from the time they met (usually she is shy and reserved around new people). We started going to Zoie as my daughter was having difficulty at school learning and concentrating and a few behavioural issues at home with listening etc. Over the 6 months with Zoie’s sessions she’s isolated a few food intolerances which make a huge difference to her behaviour and concentration which in turn has helped her get back on track with her learning.
Karla C - Mum of 2

A huge difference

After having a few years off riding whilst having children, along with 2 new horses, my confidence to ride out was shattered.  I’ve tried LOTS of different methods over the last few years to work through my trail riding doubts and fears, and not much shifted – I didn’t trust myself, I didn’t trust my horses, I didn’t trust the unknown.  Sadly, trail riding was no longer my ‘get back to nature’ rejuvenation ‘me time’.  I couldn’t relax, and of course neither could my horses!  A “chance”(?!) meeting with Zoie at a business function and the rest is history as they say.  Changes started straight after the first session, and by the 3rd (and final session over a span of 5 weeks) my confidence and relationship with my horses has been totally transformed.  Not only do I feel calm and peaceful riding out again, I am able to enjoy my connection with these powerful majestic animals and embrace the adrenaline rush as we fly along together.  Thank you so much Zoie, I love having the old me back and am totally amazed at achieving such incredible results so quickly! I highly recommend MBSKW.
Karen F


I’ve known Zoie now for almost 12 months and during that time I have been going through some extremely stressful situations, including study and emotional family matters.  From my first treatment with Zoie I felt myself getting stronger and being able to cope with the various situations that confronted me. 
These are extremely exciting times with so many different health modalities to choose from, it can become overwhelming.  My body responds so well to Zoie’s field of expertise that I never walk away feeling disappointed and know my investment has been well spent.  If Kinesiology is your choice, I strongly recommend My Best Self Kinesiology and Wellness, as the name says it all.
Deb E

Strongly Recommend

Jackson’s story: In June 2021, my son all of a sudden started getting stabbing pains to his stomach and lower back. These pains happened at random times, which were also accompanied by a burning feeling when he passed urine.

Our GP sent my son for an MRI, Ultrasound, took bloods and urine – all came back within normal range. GP was wanting to rule out a PUJ Obstruction which his father also had years prior. The issues kept coming and going after the tests were done but were tolerable at the time.

On 08/08/2021, my son was racing Motocross and had an accident on his motorbike. As a result of the accident, he suffered 2 fractured ribs (9th left rib and 7th right rib), plus liver and lung contusion. The pain I’ve previously mentioned was now amplified even more. He was in constant pain, his level of pain sitting at 7/10 and when it ramped up, he was a 9/10 pain level. My son’s symptoms were now showing as – constant stabbing pain in the abdominal area and lower back pain, dizziness, shortness of breath, nausea, sweating and shoulder pain.

The tests he had were a CT scan, 2 ultrasounds, 2 chest and neck X-rays, numerous blood work and more urine tests – that was within the first week of the Motocross accident. Everything showed normal results, other than the X-ray showing fractured ribs and the CT showed bruising to the right lung and right lower quadrant of the liver.

Panadol and Nurofen didn’t relieve any of his pain. For the next 4weeks following my son’s accident, he presented to the GP and the Hospital about 12 times. Due to his excruciating pain, he wasn’t improving or healing, his pain was worsening and the whole situation was taking a toll on himself and everyone in the family. We were at complete roadblock on how we could help him.

After being rushed to Hospital by an Ambulance, the Doctor said, we’ve done every test we possibly can do. They didn’t know what was wrong and our only hope was waiting 3months or more, for a Paediatrician appointment. We needed something to shift sooner rather than later.

That’s when I called on the amazing Zoie to help. Zoie was our only hope. We had done every test possible, the Doctors had no answers, we had hit a brick wall within the medical field. I couldn’t bare to see my son go through any more pain. He had missed weeks of school and his chances of going to school camp were none at this stage.

On 02/09/2021, my son had his 1st appointment with Zoie. His pain/symptoms went away for 3days and then returned.

On 07/09/2021, my son had his 2nd appointment with Zoie. He was in a lot of pain when he arrived and got a little relief upon leaving that appointment. That night at home, my son was very irritable and the pain ramped up even more. The next morning he woke, was moaning and still in pain. My son pushed himself to go to school because he had a talk he needed to present to his class. It was arranged that if he was still in too much pain, that I’d pick him up from school. I NEVER got a call to pick him up that day!

When I collected my son from school on the afternoon of 08/09/2021, my son was a new child – he proceeded to tell me that all of a sudden (around 9:30am), his pain just all of a sudden went away! He also noticed the burning while urinating had gone away. No more dizziness and no more struggling to breathe…3 months of pain ALL GONE!!!         👏🏼🙏🏼👏🏼 It’s been an absolute blessing that my son’s pain and symptoms are no longer a problem, there’s no black cloud hanging over his head any longer. Miraculous I say!✨

Thank you Zoie for all you’ve done. Your knowledge and skills have helped my son beyond belief. Love your work X💚

Angela Lucas

Jackson’s story

Late last year I could barely walk, complications from Rheumatoid Arthritis and sciatica.
I see GP and specialist regularly however wasn’t able to stop the incredible pain I was in.
I took the leap of faith and went for one session with Zoie. In one session I was able to walk up right and stand.
Highly recommend Zoie’s services to anyone wanting to bring some balance back into their lives.
I have no words to express the difference you have made to my quality of life!!
Megan G

Highly recommend Zoie

I didn’t really know what kinesiology was until I met Zoie. I actually found Zoie by accident, but I am so glad I picked up her leaflet in the shop that day!
Sarah S - Mum of 4


I highly recommend Zoie!! I saw Zoie several times at the student clinic when she was training and every time she helped me move forward!  I love kinesiology too and what it does for you!  Everyone should give it a go – it helps with so many things!  I think it might be time for a drive to Toowoomba!!  Thank you Zoie for all your beautiful healing! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Melanie P

I love kinesiology!

If you would like to know more about Kinesiology please feel free to get in touch. I always love sharing stories about how Kinesiology can benefit everyone. Be yourself but be your best self.

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