Who Can Benefit From Kinesiology

Kinesiology is a very gentle modality and is suitable for anybody from babies, to the aged and anywhere in between. 

Kinesiology really is a one stop shop and it can be difficult to explain and comprehend just how many different things (symptoms, ailments, bits of pain, and numerous health issues with labels) that a Kinesiologist can support you to move away from, so that you can move towards a more balanced, healthy body and get back to being your BEST SELF.

If you stop to think about it nothing in our body works in isolation.  Remember the song – Dem Bones? “The head bone’s connected to the neck bone.  The Neck bone’s connected to the back bone…” Okay, you get the idea, you can stop singing now, but that is the point I’m making here. 

When we see or feel an issue in our bodies, there is always more to it than what we see or feel.  Let me work through an example for you…say a simple headache –or a big one if that’s what happens for you.

Firstly a headache feels different for everyone, and can have very different things that cause it for everyone.  As a Kinesiologist I ask your body what is causing your body to be stressed enough to create a headache, and because the head isn’t marching around on its own we look at the whole body to figure out the underlying issues.  Is it:

      • A lack of hydration – do you need more water or is the water you are drinking not getting to your brain?
      • Muscles in your neck, shoulders or back that are causing the stress?
      • Something you are eating or not eating that your body is reacting to?
      • Your jaw or skull bones that are out of whack and creating tension or not allowing your body to move like it needs to, to keep everything ticking along?
      • Stress or emotional issues that you have going on in your life?
      • Is it something in your environment triggering a headache response? Could be a chemical from cleaning or personal care products, electromagnetic issues from electrical devices, or maybe mould.
      • Is your body stuck in fight flight – this can cause the fascia to tighten up all the way up your spine and into your skull.
      • Is your blood pressure balanced? 
      • Do you have blood sugar instability?
      • Is the sympathetic nervous system stuck on which stops your body actually winding down to rest?
      • Are the Cranial bones jammed up creating tension or pressure?
      • Is the Cerebral Spinal Fluid Balanced and flowing freely as it needs to?
      • Is your Pelvis in alignment?

When we ask your whole body what is causing the stress, we can deal with it there and help your body get back into balance so that it doesn’t have to keep poking you with a headache to tell you that something is wrong.

If you are not feeling or working at your BEST SELF, Kinesiology can benefit you.

If you would like to know more about Kinesiology please feel free to get in touch. I always love sharing stories about how Kinesiology can benefit everyone. Be yourself but be your best self.

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